Anthony Zubick

lead architect
Lead Architect


Lead Architect

Anthony “Tony” Zubick is our lead architect for over 15 years with loads of professional experience in designing spaces that enhance the way our clients live. Tony has built a solid reputation within our clients as someone who provides “experience, creativity, honesty and spirit” to all of his projects. Tony’s most successful projects result from clients who enthusiastically share their project dreams and are eager to find a solution that is creatively functional, financially attainable, and personal.


A fan of “natural light” Tony’s designs often display a wide array of natural ,light sources such as large windows, skylights, open floor plans. Many of these designs currently adorn Southwest Construction offices, and we welcome you to schedule a visit to discuss your plans.


To discuss your next project with us, or to receive a free no obligation quote for your home build, addition, kitchen renovation, bathroom project, or any other type of home remodel contact us today.


Los Angeles, CA